Current Initiatives...

A Central Manchester Offices and Mixed Use: Properties close to emerging schemes/initiatives that will significantly enhance the immediate environment and amenity. Entry values that provide the ability to add significant value via an effective refurbishment and rebranding exercise. Lot size is dependent upon the opportunity presented and whether existing income for example allows senior debt to be introduced post purchase at sensible levels.
B Industrial + Distribution (B1, B2 & B8): Well located, multi-let estates that require refurbishment and pro-active asset management in order to reposition and add value. Single lets will only be considered if the location is prime, key let ability criteria are met and we have undertaken pre-purchase dialogue with the tenant. Lease expiries in the short term are acceptable in multi-let estates where units can be taken back, refurbished, re-let and increased rents secured. The acquisition of property in areas where we are able to secure a letting advantage such as Enterprise Zones will be targeted
C Retail/Leisure/Hotel/Trade & Roadside Uses: Whilst adopting a less proactive approach within these sectors we will react to opportunities that are presented but with much more dependence upon securing a significant element of pre-let space or working alongside an operator.
D Residential: We should continue to work with landowners in order to deliver much needed housing land to the major house builders.
Securing a position on land and property that has the potential to secure higher value residential land can deliver good returns if the required planning consent is obtained.
Working in key local authorities where the 5 year land supply for housing is low and we have appropriate high level officer relationships must be continued – Strategic planning promotion agreements and option agreements will be considered.