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Continue to utilize our established network of contacts and direct approaches to land owners in order to seek out and acquire opportunities that identify with our current thinking – to deliver value, sustainable growth and quality design whilst managing risk factors throughout. Work with like minded joint venture partners in order to take full advantage of genuine opportunities and ensure that every project entered into gets the resource it deserves The buildings we seek to acquire and develop should be assessed via their ability to be sold into the institutional market following transformation of both the quality of the property itself and the income profile of the investment created. Our requirements and target projects continually change and adapt as geographical areas and markets mature. Relationships and information gathered from key Local Authorities also enable us to refine areas of search for new deals as we look to identify properties with the best potential to create and add value.


Upscale and take advantage of the experience gained to date, add value and to enjoy ourselves in the process

Never forgetting to ask ourselves...

How can we add sustainable value?
What are the key risk factors?
Can we exit if required?
How will occupiers view the building?
What does the current and future competition profile look like?
Are we buying at the right price and at the right time?